Structure & History
Japantown San Jose is a Business Improvement District (BID). This means that commercial property owners and businesses are assessed a pre-determined fee when they move in. In order to have become a BID, Japantown businesses and property owners created the district boundaries and reformatted the Japantown Business Association (JBA) as a non-profit 501c6 organization with a Board of Directors to manage the funds. It took a majority of these businesses and property owners to vote to establish the BID and the BID is renewed annually by vote of San Jose City Council after a review of the work and budget of the district.

Japantown BID was formed in 1987 and has not raised fees since then. All work of the JBA (Farmers Market, street cleaning, banner poles, banners, liaison between non-profits, other Japantown organizations, government, neighborhood and other interested businesses and organizations and efforts; website, brochures, marketing, permits, events, office rent, salary and more) are paid for by this assessment reimbursement. The total BID reimbursement maximum thus far (2011) is $29,500 annually.

Not in the BID but want to be a member?
Membership in Japantown Business Association can and does include non-BID members. Limitations of non-BID members are that they may not serve as voting members of the Board of Directors. However, membership does has its rewards, such as inclusion in marketing efforts, listing on the official website, help in marketing to JBA members, newsletters and email distribution.
For more information or to sign-up as a JBA non-voting member, please email:, fax 408-286-4413 or call 408-298-4303.

  Non-Voting Membership fees Level Fee
    Corporate (Matsu/Pine) $150/yr
  Non-profit (Take/Bamboo) $60/yr
    Associate (Ume/Plum) $75/yr
    Individual (Sakura/Cherry) $25/yr
    Farmers Market vendor $26/yr
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