BREAKOUT SESSIONS – October 5th, 2002,
San Jose Japantown Community Congress

Guiding Principles

1.      The Corp Yard must be included in the overall development plan for Japantown, it is not currently referenced in any planning document, which guides the development of Japantown;

2.      A community review to evaluate developer’s proposals must be a part of the development process;

ISSUES: Who will evaluate development proposals; what role will district council person have in terms of choosing, electing, and appointing community representation.

3.      Development of the Corp yard must include community-serving components and provide support for Japantown's service and cultural agencies;

4.      Development in the Corp Yard must reflect Japanese-American culture and heritage while recognizing the multicultural history of the area.

5.      Projects in the Corp Yard, as a whole must be financially self-supporting.

6.       Projects in the Corp Yard, must become a link to Asian-Pacific business and cultural activities.

7.      Art and Gardens must be incorporated into the proposed development of the Corp Yard.

Breakout Sessions



Principles #1 & #4 will be addressed by Cindy Chavez
between 9am-10:05am






Group I
Principles #2 + #5

Group II
Principles #3 + #6

Group III
Principle #7 + Gateway Project


Dr. Roy Takeuchi-Wesley Methodist Church
Vicky Taketa-Japantown Neighborhood Association


 Kathy Sakamoto-Japantown Business Association
Yosh Uchida-Japanese American Chamber of Commerce



 Dr. Jerrold Hiura-Community & Arts

 Helen Hayashi-Community