Cultural Arts in Japantown

(partial listing)

  • Japanese Language School - 6yrs-Adult (408) 293-1292
  • Shamisen, Koto, Tea Ceremony, Tai Chi - call Yu-Ai Kai @ 408.294.2505
  • Judo, call San Jose Buddhist Church Betsuin @ 408.293.9292
    or Silicon Valley Judo (on Stockton Ave, SJ) 408.297.5836
  • Kendo, visit
  • Ikebana (Sogetsu school) call Kika Shibata @ Ikebana Arts 408.279.8342
  • Bonsai Club call Wesley United Methodist Church 408.295.0367
    or San Jose Buddhist Church Betsuin 408.293.9292
  • Aikido - Aikido of Japantown 408.280.1359
    or Aikido San Jose (on Martha Street, SJ) www.aikidosj,com
  • Japanese embroidery, Temari, origami, call Nichi Bei Bussan @ 408.293.8048 or visit
  • 'Oka-san & Me' - youngsters Japanese language and cultural organization see
  • San Jose Taiko classes children's and adults at
  • Hula -Halau Na Wai Ola - (408) 216-0450
  • Ukulele Lessons  with Michelle Kiba @ Yu-Ai Kai 588 N. 4th Street
    Ukulele lessons with Rodney Takahashi "Ukulele Jams"
  • OBON dance practices 2012 (starting in June 2012)

    Japantown San Jose History-Visit California Japantowns
    all listings in Japantown unless otherwise noted
    -Japanese New Year's  information  or more...No formal celebrations exist in Japantown San Jose.
    New Year's Eve services are held at the Buddhist Church Betsuin with each person ringing the temple bell. 108 tolls remind temple goers of 108 worldly desires that hinder the attainment of enlightenment.
    For information on 'mochi' - a necessity for Japanese and Japanese Americans during New Year celebrations - please visit For Mochitsuki in Japantown please visit the Events page!