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Japantown Community Congress of San Jose
JCCsj has been the recipient of two prestigious awards for the work accomplished in the Historic District Survey. (September 2005)
The first is from the California Preservation Foundation under Cultural Resource Studies for the San Jose Japantown Historic Context and Reconnaissance Survey.  The awards ceremony took place on September 17th, at the San Francisco City Hall Rotunda. 
   The second is
the Governor's Historic Preservation Awards which are sponsored by the State Office of Historic Preservation (OHP) to give recognition to organizations and public agencies that have demonstrated achievements in preserving the heritage of California. This includes increasing public awareness, appreciation and support of historic preservation. Awards ceremonies took  place in November 2005.

BIKE SHARE- (on Jackson Street between 4th & 5th Streets)
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ZIPCAR - in San Jose Japantown! Two cars!


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SJRA, SB 307, Prop 40
Please note: Redevelopment Agencies no longer exist in California state


Some of the major RDA and SJ City/Japantown partnership projects were:
  • facade improvements for signed contracts with the RDA
  • A Neighborhood Business District Airport Committee was formed for pursuing marketing possibilities at the San Jose Mineta International Airport. JBA effort.
  • Prop 40 and SB 307 funding continued as planned with the Japantown Community Congress of San Jose being named the official partner organization to the city in these efforts, by resolution of the San Jose City Council, October 14, 2003.
  • Directional signage went forward with the possibility of additional signs to go on the west side of Coleman and Taylor (new development) to direct traffic to Japantown
  • The Landmark work at 5th & Jackson became the Nikkei Lantern, the Issei Voices Wall and timeline. Also added was the Issei Memorial (granite rock from Inujima Island - Okayama Sister City project with donation from the Jimi Yamaichi family)
  • Historic markers for Japantown sites - academic identification and compilation/writing work completed and turned into CA State Library as added to the San Francisco and Los Angeles reports.
  • Historic District Survey - a first assessment and historic context statement for the preservation of Japantown (to aid development and restrain urban renewal destruction) with money acquired from a grant written by SJ City Historic Preservation Officer, Courtney Damkroger for Japantown to provide accurate information for benefits that may be gained from such studies. (Please see above for awards won by this effort!) This was followed by the second phase,  documenting parcels.
  • The CCPLEP 3-Japantown landmark can be seen in front of the Issei Memorial Building. The three Japantowns each have a similar monument linking the histories of the districts. One panel is specifically designed to accentuate a specific landscape feature of the Japantown in which the monument resides (i.e, San Jose has its rolling hills featured in the 'Obon' panel).